Longueville Chapter 9322 - History


Several members of the Longueville Lodge decided, with encouragement from then ME Grand Superintendant Eric Deung, that there ought to be a chapter bearing the name and so it came to pass, the chapter was consecrated at 5pm on Saturday 19th February 1994 At the Masonic Hall, Bletchley. 

The ceremony was conducted by E.Comp Eric Deung – M.E Grand Superintendent and assisted by : E.Comp Harold Hartley, Prov Grand Haggai, E.Comp Roy Fender, Prov Grand Joshua, E.Comp Ernest Baden Hall, Prov Grand Scribe Ezra, E.Comp Anthony Leaver, Prov Grand Scribe Nehemiah, E.Comp Peter Erlen , Prov Grand Director of Ceremonies

The primus principals installed that night were

E.Comp Ron Everett as MEZ, E.Comp Steve Ramsay as H, E.Comp Michael Hewett as J, E.Comp Walter Perry acted as IPZ, With Comp. Bob Smith as Founding Scribe E

Other founding members were: E.Comps: Walter Perry, EB Hall, DR Taylor, Steven Rose, Bob Bluck, Comps: Douglas Campbell, Barrie Privett, David Woodward, David Sawyer, Peter Wince, Bryan Savory, Ib Ravn- Agaard, Dennis Kerr, L Farmer and R Brown.In total there were present: 17 members, 10 consecrating officers and 41 visitors

All the consecrating team were made honoury members that night, plus E.Comp Peter Renacre Prov Dep Grand Superintendent , E.comp Robert Harper Prov Deputy Director of ceremonies and E.Comp Roy Turner Pro Grand Organist

9 candidates for exaltation were proposed that night , including Roger Perry, John Noakes, and Peter Grimes,

The 1990s

The first regular meeting was held at the Bletchley Masonic Hall on Friday 8th April 1994. There was a ballot for 4 candidates for exaltation: Thomas Ledden, Roger Perry, Leo Kyte and Roy Clarkson. Bros Ledden and Perry were then duly exalted into the Royal Arch in a double ceremony.

The following meeting was an emergency Convocation held on Saturday 2nd July at the Eliot Hall in Winslow by way of dispensation of the M.E Grand Superintendent. It was called in order to reduce the waiting list and waiting times for the candidates Bros Roy Clarkson and John Noakes were then exalted into the Royal Arch in another double ceremony

A very busy year, as the next meeting was held on Friday 14th October, back in Bletchley, and was another double ceremony, this time Bro's John Owen and Peter Grimes were exalted, and while technically this was the installation evening, it was agreed that as the Principals had only been installed in February, they should continue in office for another year

Yet another dispensation was sought for the next meeting held on Saturday 14th January 1995, instead of the planned December meeting, and yet another double ceremony was performed – this time for Bros Jeffery Oliffe and Graham Embleton. With a further 3 joining members balloted for and accepted at the same meeting It was agreed at the committee meeting that the Chapter must try to restrict double ceremonies as much as possible !

There was yet another dispensation for the ceremony on 31st March 1995 when Bro's George Smart and James Hurrell were balloted for exaltation into the chapter. With Bro Smart being exhalted on that occasion

Evidently things calmed down a bit by the next installation meeting on Friday 13th October 1995. E.Comp Steve Ramsay was installed as MEZ for the first time, E.Comp EB Hall as H and E.Comp Bob Smith as J. and E.Comp Ron Everett taking on the Scribe E duties. The accounts for the year 1994 were presented, and there was a ballot for joiner member Comp Philip Layer

The final meeting in 1995 was held on 15th December, where a single exaltation was performed for Bro James Hurrell and there was a ballot for a joining member – Murray Rutherford of Oliver chapter. At the April 1996 meeting Bro Peter Betts was exalted.

At the October 1996 installation meeting E.Comp Don Varney PG Standard Bearer was made an honorary member, and E Comp Walter Perry was congratulated on his recent appointment to Senior London Grand Chapter Rank, and a ballot held for joining Comp Geoffrey Thornes of The Anglo American Chapter no 2191

A dispensation had to be sought retrospectively in relation to E Comp Baden Hall who had been installed as MEZ at this meeting, due to his currently being still MEZ of the Stuart Chapter no.540. this was duly granted by the Most Excellent First Grand Principal

The December 1996 meeting was attended by Provincial Grand Superintendent E.Comp Eric Deung where Bro Robert Harsant was exalted and Bro Thomas Chinnery balloted

Over the rest of the Decade the chapter exalted: Bro Thomas Chinnery, Bro Dennis Pottinger, Bro Brian Gibb, Bro Terrance Sellars, Bro Alan Squires.

And we lost to the Grand chapter above : E.Comp Dennis Taylor, Comp Philip Layer

Moving into the first decade of the new Millennium "the naughties"

We exalted 15 new members namely, Dr Kofi Sagoe, Bro Neil Blake, Bro Bob Cain, Bro Norman Trenaman, Bro Richard Brown, Bro Vincent Leui, Bro Godfrey Davies, Bro Russell Breedon, Bro Nigel Davies, Bro Ron King, Bro John Marriot, Bro Dave King, Bro John Elgie, Bro Tim Law, Bro Hugh Murray.

Joined: E.comp Thomas Morrison, Comp Derek Berry, Comp Brian Blake

And we lost to the Grand chapter above : Comp Peter Wince, Comp James Hurrell

It may surprise you to learn companions that it was 10 years ago this very meeting, when we were honoured to host the Provincial Grand Superintendent of Warwickshire and his executive team along with the Grand Superintendent of Buckinghamshire and the Buckinghamshire executive – including our guest tonight E.Comp John Stribling who was Asst Grand Scribe Ezra at the time. In total 75 companions were present

For those of us who were there, it was a superb evening, Bro Tim Law, was exalted in exemplary fashion by MEZ Kofi Sagoe, The signs were explained by E.Comp Peter Grimes, The historical lecture was given by Companions Kerns, Kerr and Shorey of Manor of Swanburn Chapter. The symbolical lecture was given by Comps Blacklaw, Telling and Arnold of the Oliver Chapter. And the mystical lecture was given by Comps Ramsay, Breedon and Marriot of this Chapter. We had a bumper festive board, and those present may recall the Warwickshire team gave their version of Royal Arch fire which was partially sung.

From year 2010 onwards we exalted 7 new members

Bro Chris Thompson, Bro Sam Everett, Bro Sunil Odedra, Bro Colin Milton, Bro Ian Devereux, Bro Tony Sagoo, And today Bro Mark Walters.

Joined: E.comp James Hewittson, Comp John Elliot, Comp john Ward, E.Comp Ib Ravn Agaard a re-joining founder, E.Comp Peter J Corbett, And this evening Ray Crossley.

And we lost to the Grand chapter above : E.Comp Bob Power, Comp Hugh Murray – my dear old father in law.

Companions I hope this short history has been of interest, and maybe brought back a few memories of the good times, and perhaps of some members who are no longer with us.

E.Comp Russell Breedon, Scribe Ezra, April 2019 

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