Marlow Chapter a Triple "Big Red" Well Done!

Marlow Chapter welcomes,  Companions Leeor Goldberg, Jed Russel and Radion Yakubovicn

Marlow Chapter set the bar very high on Wednesday the 13th  September 2023 when they exalted three new companions into this excellent Chapter and into the Royal Arch. The Chapter responded to the "Big Red" challenge in the best way possible by making the evening an unforgettable experience for each of the companions. All three had wanted to join for a little time and it was great that the Big Red gave them the ideal opportunity, which they all enjoyed. The Companions of Marlow Chapter were well versed in the ceremony and made the companions feel at home as they continued their journey through Ancient Freemasonry.

This was a meeting which will last long in the memory of the Chapter as they move forward- they have other events planned so I expect we will be hearing a lot from this chapter in the future.

E Comp Stephen Knight ProvGH, welcomes Companions Leeor Goldberg, Jed Russel and Radion Yakubovicn
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