Bram Stoker 

Stoker is shown in Grand Lodge records as having joined only one Lodge: the Buckingham and Chandos Lodge, No. 1150, which was formed by Officers and Sergeants of the 1st Middlesex Artillery Volunteers. 

Stoker gave his occupation as author and, although his work Dracula had not yet achieved the renown it would gain in later years, he did write other novels whilst continuing with his daytime job. Initiated in February 1883, he remained a mason for only six years according to records available and appears not to have taken office. 

The Legacy of Dracula:

Despite his close working relationship with his colleague and brother Freemason, Irving, the biographers intimate that Stoker held a secret and latent resentment against Irving which may have contributed to the development of the character Dracula, which was his Magnus Opum.

Undoubtedly Irving was a success story and Stoker may have seen himself very much a side act in the scheme of things.

In this way the possible harboured resentment had conjured an image of Irving as someone who “drained the creative life out of all those around him”, a suitable caricature of a blood feeding creature.

Not only was Irving a friend of Princes and Prime Ministers, he may have had his amours especially as he was estranged from his wife.

In some respects Stoker may have seemed unequal to Irving given his popularity.

As a possible result of this enmity, Stoker has left a remarkable legacy as the creator of Dracula, although there had been other “vampire” creations before him.

The Dracula name may have had its origins in the Gaelic phrase “dhroch fhola”, pronounced “druck ulla” meaning of bad blood.

Equally, it may have its stem in the historical name from South Eastern Europe of Vlad Dracul.

Adding the letter “a” to Dracul gives it the meaning “son of”, thus Dracula.

The novel, which is in the public domain, has been adapted for film over 30 times, and its characters have made numerous appearances in virtually all media.

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