Goals of the Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Mentoring Project

The goals of the Provincial Mentoring Project are:

  • To find out what mentoring is happening in the Chapters in Buckinghamshire.
  • To undertake a close analysis of a number of mentoring schemes.
  • To provide resources to support mentor scheme organisers, mentors and mentees across the Province.
  • To investigate Companion and scheme acceptance.
  • To create a plan to establish new pilot mentoring schemes in 2017.
  • To recommend how mentoring should be supported in the Province in the future.

 A focus on Companion mentoring schemes

The project focus began to sharpen after writing to the New Companions exalted in 2015/6. It seemed clear that the main gap in terms of mentoring efforts is the degree of formality of the relationship between companions.  We consider that the Province should be focusing more attention on informal Companion mentoring. This resulted in the decision to undertake an analysis of the current career mentoring schemes running in Chapters to understand the activities involved in putting a scheme together and running it smoothly. Also how this is connected with the likely outcomes, as measured by a positive outlook for those involved. The findings from this work will, if time allows, will be disseminated via a poster presentation at Provincial Convocation in 2017

The future

Aristotle asserted that the only rational goal of goals is happiness. A happy person has sufficient resources to pursue his goals; characteristics such as a positive outlook, following meaningful goals, developing close social relationships and an even temperament are very important to appreciate highly reflective well-being.  We want mentoring to provide an effective intervention to provide a readily acceptable way to increase happiness.

 To find out more

You may also be interested in the new (copyright 2017) UGLE Mentoring and Royal Arch Representative website, which contains a great deal of useful information and materials, This is the link, and do please pass it on to your Lodge Mentor:-