Oliver, "Please Sir Can I Have Some More" !

Oliver Chapter Meeting at Bletchley on the 13th April 2023.

What else would 47 Companions of the Royal Arch, do on a Thursday evening.   On  Thursday 13th of April 2023 the companions of Oliver Chapter and their guests, enjoyed the best of the Royal Arch, at Oliver Chapter with a meeting held at the Bletchley Centre. 

Not only did everyone witness a perfect exaltation for Companion Brent Johnston, but then enjoyed a very delicious Curry night at the Festive board.

With music in the meeting, provided by a great new sound system and under the Musical directorship of Philip Blacklaw, along with fantastic mood lighting at the Festive Board this was a Royal Arch tour de force.

At the meeting, all of the Executive were present. Our ME Grand Superintendent Graham Dearing,, Deputy Philip Blacklaw and both our 2nd and 3rd Principals Stephen Knight and Joseph Le Roi Smith. All of whom had a fantastic time, not only welcoming our new exaltee Comp Johnstone, but also welcoming a joining member Comp Alan Sands Potter, another excellent addition to this thriving Chapter.

Oliver Chapter is always a great demonstration of how good the Royal Arch is, a great ceremony, a fantastic welcome to everyone and a night filled with fun and brotherly love.

The Chapter are looking forward to being part of THE BIG RED in September, when they will have another opportunity of welcoming more Brethren in to the companionship of the Royal Arch.

If you are not a member of the Royal Arch yet and want to know more about taking the next part of your masonic journey, contact your Lodge Royal Arch representative or speak to your Lodge Secretary. 

Oliver Chapter Meeting at Bletchley 13th April 2023 Festive Board.
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