Christopher Swinhoe-Standen

Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

Christopher was born in 1969 and is maried with three children now growen up. Chris spent some thirty years in the world of IT and became an IT Architecht. Christopher learned to fly areoplanes whilst at university, returning to this when he took redundancy. Chris is now a flight instructor as well as a private tutor for maths and science. One of Chris's hobies is being a member of a number of choirs.

Masonic Biography


Initiated into Old Wycombiensien Lodge in 1985, Master 1995.2007.

Joined Notarius Lodge in 2006

Joined Buckinghamshire Masters Lodge in 2006

Promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden, 2011

Promoted to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer, 2006

Appointed Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, 2001


Royal Arch

Exalted into Thames Schools’ Chapter in 1988.

Joined Buckinghamshire First Principals in 2007.


Promoted to Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, 2022.

Promoted to Provincial Grand Scribe N, 2016.

Promoted to Provincial Grand Registrar, 2013

Promoted to Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, 2011.

Appointed to Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, 2006