The Royal Arch Explained, a series of Talks

The Royal Arch Explained, a series of Talks

The Royal Arch Explained, a series of Talks

Every Chapter in the Province will be provided with a booklet containing 12 short talks about much of the symbolism of the Royal Arch. These talks have been written with all Companions in mind, but especially those new to the Royal Arch. Each of the talks is short and takes about 5 minutes to present.

We have asked that one of the talks be given at each of your meetings so that you can hear a new slant on some of the topics which might have puzzled you in the past

The talks are annotated so that if you hear something which you think should be answered immediately the presenter can refer to the back of the booklet for an answer. As the talks are about your Chapter there are directions in the book to show you the objects of interest, some of which you may have overlooked.

We do appreciate that some meetings may be quite long and time presses but make sure you hear one or two each year- you will be surprised just how much there is in each one.

Here is a list of the topics:

  • From Darkness to Light: The moving climax to an inspiring journey from Initiation to Exaltation
  • That most interesting subject of all Human Studies: Knowledge of ourselves, the key to how we may live our lives
  • Zerubbabel: Prince of the people, searcher after truth
  • Haggai: Scribe in the first Sanhedrin or Council of Elders in Jerusalem
  • Joshua: Spiritual Leader and servant of the Lord
  • Ezra: Restorer of the Law and the Temple
  • Nehemiah: A man of patriotism, action, courage, and perseverance
  • The Principal Banners and Ensigns: A rallying point and sense of identity
  • The Platonic Bodies: Linking the Royal Arch with the Great Philosophers
  • The Pedestal: The centrepiece of our order
  • The Journey through the Wilderness: Why did it take 40 years.
  • Connections between the Craft and the Royal Arch: Showing the bonds which will never break.

These talks are designed with you in mind, to interest you and give you something to think about and discuss with other Companions, Masons from all orders and even those not in Masonry.

If your interest is roused you can buy a copy of the booklet for £5.00 – ask your Scribe E to get one for you.

Don't let the opportunity to hear them pass you by. 

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