Season’s Greetings

John and Wendy Keeble


Once again it that time of year when our thought turn to festivities and a contemplation of what is to come in the New Year. My most sincere thanks goes to all the members of Bucks Chapters for their hard work in maintaining high standards and ensuring that membership of their Chapters is an  enjoyable and inspiring experience. It has been a successful year for Bucks Royal Arch with 37 (January to November) newly Exalted Companions. The hard work that has been put in by many members of the Bucks Executive has resulted in a well-informed and enthusiastic Province and we are now reaping the rewards for that effort. My sincere thanks goes out to each and every one of them for their unstinting assistance, which is very much appreciated.

We are often told that membership of the Royal Arch is the ultimate destination for many Craft masons on their Masonic journeys. It is certainly the completion of a journey in Pure Antient Masonry and the three degrees of Craft masonry surely lead to the Royal Arch, but there is much more to discover for the committed and enthusiastic Mason. Much like a holiday cruise, Freemasonry has many stopping off points. and it would not make great sense to disembark at the first stop only to remain there and miss out on all the other interesting and sometimes exotic destinations. The Royal Arch is only the first destination and can lead to so much more with the potential to enhance the enjoyment and understanding of our Masonic system. It is our purpose and responsibility to identify and do all we can to persuade those Craft Masons who will enjoy the opportunity of extending their appreciation of Masonry, to join the Royal Arch and thus, commence long and fulfilling careers. Please do make sure that no one in your Craft Lodge is overlooked and do encourage all your newest members to attend Chapter meetings and do so with open and inquiring minds.

May I now wish you and those nearest and dearest to you a most peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and every good wish for 2016. I am sure that it will prove to be another successful year for the Royal Arch in Buckinghamshire.

Best wishes

John Keeble

M.E. Grand Superintendent.