Dear Companions

I am pleased to publish our new strategy, designed to ensure that we look after the interests of our members and strengthen the Royal Arch in Buckinghamshire for the coming years.

In addition to preserving the rich heritage, traditions and regulations that have help shape the Royal Arch for over 250 years, we are also focused on growing the Province by ensuring that every Master Mason is clear about their right to become a Companion and complete his journey in Pure Antient Freemasonry and, that once he joins, we engage him in an interesting programme that will ensure his enjoyment of our great order.

This growth will strengthen and enrich every Chapter, making each a fun, rewarding and fulfilling place to be. It will give every Companion a chance to develop and grow at his own particular pace and learn all about the wonderful history that underpins our Institution.

I hope that you enjoy reading your Strategy and that you are each inspired to play your part in its success.  If you have any questions please  E Mail:


Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Strategy V1 A