2013 Bicentenary Appeal

The Royal Arch Masons 2013 Bicentenary Appeal

The Bicentenary of the Royal Arch in 2013 is a date which marks the official recognition of the Royal Arch as ‘the completion of pure and ancient Freemasonry’.

An important element of this milestone event will be a fund-raising exercise over the next two years to provide a permanent memorial of the anniversary. The sum raised will create a Research Fund for the benefit of the Royal College of Surgeons which will be administered at no extra cost alongside the Craft’s 250th Anniversary Fund for the purposes of research by the Royal College.

The Royal College of Surgeons is a registered charity (not part of the NHS) and plays a vital role in supporting surgical research within theUK.

The Royal Arch Masons 2013 Bicentenary Appealhas been established to help fund the College’s successful surgical research fellowship scheme, which supports surgeons to undertake a surgical research project. This scheme enables the brightest and best surgeons of each generation to explore treatments for conditions and injuries that affect millions of people worldwide.

Surgical research continues to provide significant advances in:

  • hip and knee replacements
  • the prevention of strokes
  • reconstructive surgery for trauma and war wounded victims
  • less invasive surgery and quicker recovery
  • skilled operations to improve hearing and sight
  • cancer survival rates.

To help to meet this goal Supreme Grand Chapter has opened a Relief Chest with the Grand Charity into which all donations will go.

The task set by our MEGS for the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire is to encourage each Companion to donate £15  or more if you wish, plus Gift Aid over the next two years to the Appeal. Times may be tough but it isn’t a big ask for such a deserving cause.

This can be done online with the Grand Charity www.grandcharity.org/pages/royal_arch_masons_2013.html or by downloading and printing the Donation forms from the website. 

Chapters can also contribute from their relief chests or by donating raffles from festive boards.

E Comp Rob Chaproniere has kindly agreed to assist me with the project in the north of the province and E Comp Bob Chevin also has volunteered his help to which we have readily agreed.

Contacts for information or help at any time:

E Comp John McKenzie:               0208 337 9927        busec@aol.com

E Comp Rob Chaproniere:          01234 713476        rob@chaproniere.co.uk

E Comp Bob Chevin:           01296 613835            ranchmuir@btinternet.com