We all know how important the festival is to the province. Also, how much the Royal Arch has supported this incredible adventure for the past six years. Thank you all for all you have done. Last year I set a task of the Royal Arch donating £100,000 in total; at the time, we were someway away. Well, companions, I am delighted to say that thanks to your efforts, we are nearly there, but we need that final push or, as it seems, the last pull.

Ex Comp James Hunt from Bourne End Chapter, along with companions Stephen Knapp and Dan Cole, will be undertaking the incredible task of rowing 100 miles to ensure we achieve the £100,000 goal. The event is the brainchild of James Hunt, who has organised training from Henley Rowing Club and will lead his teams, embarking on the 100-mile row at the beginning of September.

Departing from Pink Hill Lock in Oxford with a targeted finish location of Hampton Court, having to navigate 33 locks in the process (all of which are a tight squeeze). They have two teams of 4 with two Coxs; one is Jim's daughter, and the other is Dan Cole's son; with Jim's other daughter rowing, this is very much a masonic family event.

Companions, James and his team have already secured some fantastic sponsorship from Lodges, Chapter and individuals. However, what I am asking is that for Chapters and companions to consider a small donation in their favour. Anyone willing to row 100 miles must be worthy of our support. I also forgot to mention that Ex Comp James has never rowed before.

If Chapters would like to make donations, you can send them to Stephen Knapp, the Treasurer of Bourne End Chapter, who is also collating the donations for this event. If every Chapter donated £100, what a difference that would make. The bank account details for direct transfers are:

Name: Bourne End Chapter 7943

Sort Code: 23 05 80

Account number: 41357249

To identify transfers, please mark it "Boat", followed by the name of your Chapter. i.e. "Boat Marlow"

For individual Companions, please use the just giving page link below; every £10 will make the 100-mile challenge much less tiring for these amazing teams.


Thank you all for considering helping Companion Jim and his team with the final Royal Arch "pull" for the festival.

MEGS Graham Dearing

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