Wrexham Park Chapter

Newly Exalted Companion  Mark Hochman with the Principals of Wrexham Park Chapter, Ashley Rolfe MEZ, Eamon Nolan H, John Walsh J.

Once in a while a Chapter, through no fault of its own, may encounter difficulties in maintaining membership numbers. Wexham Park is one such Chapter but happily the future is now looking much brighter.

On Wednesday 18th January the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. John Keeble attended the Wexham Park convocation to attend an exaltation as well as ascertain the progress being made by the Chapter in reviving its membership numbers. He commented “In the past three years this Chapter has worked tremendously hard and has, as a result, seen five exaltations and three joining members. That is by any measure excellent progress.”

The story of Wexham Park Chapter’s journey ‘back from the brink’ is an enlightening and inspirational one. Consecrated in May 1981, at first things went well. However, in a short period around the turn of the century, potential catastrophe struck the Chapter with the loss of fifteen members. By 2006 the membership numbered just twelve Companions and the future looked bleak. The remaining members resolved that something drastic had to be done and contacted the Province.

The first step in a recovery plan is to ascertain and accept that there is a problem that needs attention. The Companions of Wexham Park Chapter all agreed that help was needed and that they were 100% committed to saving the Chapter. The M.E. Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Dr. Richard Neale visited the Chapter in 2009 and, in the words of E.Comp. Allen Wetherell, the Scribe ‘E’, “He very much appreciated the loyalty and strength of feeling shown by the Companions.”  Assistance was then mobilised from the Stewards Chapter to provide the numbers of visiting Companions needed to make the Chapter’s convocations successful and enjoyable for all attending. John Keeble observed that “This is the number one priority for any Chapter when addressing a membership crisis and the members of Wexham Park Chapter have embraced this opportunity enthusiastically.”

Membership of the chapter now stands at fifteen, with the promise of more to come. Allen Wetherell comments “There is now a positive air of confidence among the members, many of whom did not know the founders. We look forward to a brighter future, having recently celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Chapter’s consecration.”

Any Royal Arch Companions who wishes to help Wexham Park Chapter by becoming a joining member;  or any Craft Mason who is interested in taking his next step in Pure Antient Masonry by being exalted into this chapter should in the first instance contact the Provincial Scribe ‘E’ E.Comp. John Stribling at interface.p@talk21.com  .

The Wexham Park Chapter meets on the 3rd Wednesday in November and January and the 4th Wednesday in April.