Gloucestershire and Herefordshire visit to Roman Way Chapter

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At Roman Way Chapter  installation meeting held on Saturday the 12th of March at the Eliot Hall, Winslow, the Chapter had the privilege of hosting an inter-provincial visit between the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire and the Royal Arch  Province of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

The Grand Superintendent of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, Graham King, his executive and acting officers, were welcomed by the Grand Superintendent of Buckinghamshire, John Keeble, and members of his Provincial team. The Installation ceremony was conducted by the installing Principal, E. Comp Mike Lockie, who installed James Campbell as First Principal. In turn, Dave Vallis and Ian Broatch were respectively inducted as Second and Third Principals. There were over ninety Companions in attendance.

After closing the chapter, a fabulous festive board was held at the near by Bell Hotel. In replying to the toast to the visitors, Graham King thanked the members of Roman Way Chapter and the Buckinghamshire Provincial team for the wonderful reception, and promised that such visits should continue in the future.

John Keeble commented: “It is self-evident throughout freemasonry that truly enjoyable meetings rely to a great extent on the commitment of members to attend as many as possible and for them to have the ambition and courage to progress through the offices so that they are able to advance in masonic knowledge. By so doing, they are able to bring pleasure to others as well as maximising their own personal enjoyment.”

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