Windsor End Chapter celebrate Big Red with Comp Adam joining!

BIG RED continues with Windsor End Chapter exalting Bro Adam McDermott from Christopher lodge. A fantastic enjoyable evening with both the MEGS Graham Dearing and the deputy Phil Blacklaw in attendance with a retinue of other provincial officers.

The chapter was on fine form giving Adam a wonderful start to this part of his Masonic journey.

Adam was presented by the Grand Superintendent with the now famous BIG RED socks. Many companions wanted to but some, but as previously stated these are for BIG RED candidates only as a thank for being part of something so special.

Well done Windsor End Chapter for supporting this initiative. Let us all ensure that all our chapter meetings continue to be a place where we can enjoy our masonry and continue our own Masonic journeys. 

Windsor End Chapter, with new Companion showing off his Red Socks
Double Date in Beaconsfield for BIG RED
Big Red for Happy Bevan Chapter!

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