Valley Boys join Marlow.

Marlow Valley Companions MEGS, Provincial Team and Visitors

On Monday the 9th of May Marlow Valley Chapter after a number of years struggling with membership levels, held its last meeting at the Marlow Masonic Centre with a Provincial Team led by our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent closing the Chapter in a wonderful ceremony. The meeting was very well attended.

At the start of the meeting E Comp Tony Leaver the founding Scribe E, delivered a thoughtful and most interesting and insightful history of Marlow Valley Chapter.

During the very moving Ceremony our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, received from the Companions of Marlow Valley Chapter, the symbols of the harmony, with which the Chapter was consecrated with in January 1990, corn, wine, oil and salt "which has matured and flourished for years within our Chapter, that they may be again dispersed when Royal Arch Masonry has need of them. May they carry with them always the many blessings enjoyed by the Companions of the Marlow Valley Chapter".

Our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent replied that the symbols will be cherished for future Royal Arch work and the Companions of Marlow Valley Chapter are now on a new Royal Arch journey, which they have already taken the first step, by all members of Marlow Valley Chapter joining together the very popular Marlow Chapter No. 2752 also meeting at Marlow Masonic Centre.

At the close of the meeting the Companions retired to the bar for libations and then dining together, during the festive board our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent took wine with Marlow Chapter including their new joining members from Marlow Valley Chapter, Wow! good to see so many standing up in response must now be one of our largest chapters in membership and from the buzz from the companions a very happy and bright future awaits Marlow Chapter.

A very nice festive board, good food, good wine, very good speeches, fun, Good Companionship!

Marlow Valley Chapter Companions      MEZ Bill Sacey, H Tom Milton, J Brian Naylor ,       MEGS and Provincial Team,        
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