Altar of Companionship Schedule

Chapter Number Location Date
Five Points 8197 Beaconsfield 25th September 2021
Herschel 1894 Slough 4th November
Marlow Valley 8974 Marlow 10th January 2022
Shelburn 7719 Marlow 2nd March
Grenfell 3077 Slough 25th April
Sunnymeads 9313 Slough 7th July
Wexham Park 8171 Slough 11th November
Hall Barn 8480 Beaconsfield 28th February 2023
Neleus 3062 Beaconsfield 18th March
Hampden 6483 Aylesbury 5th April
Pegasus 5637 Aylesbury 24th May
Cowper & Newton 2244 North Crawley 13th September
Longueville 9322 Bletchley 13th October
Addington 1787 Buckingham 23rd November
Manor of Swanburn 8647 Bletchley 16th January 2024
First Principals 3305 Bletchley 19st April
Chapter Number Location Date
Bucks 1st Principals 3305 Slough 13th January 2017
Bucks Stewards 9222 Beaconsfield 18th April
Watling Street 1639 Stony Stratford 12th May
Wineslai 2435 Winslow 13th June
Thames Schools 6216 Marlow 11th July
Ferd de Rothschild 2420 Aylesbury 21st Sept
Buckingham 591 Aylesbury 14th December
Thames Mariner 8628 Marlow 25th January 2018
Iver 5254 Slough 23rd February
Denham 5950 Denham 12th April
Cestreham 6674 Beaconsfield 17th May
Fairway 8614 Aylesbury 20th June
Stephens 3089 Beaconsfield 14th July
River 5126 Slough 8th September
Windsor End 9361 Beaconsfield 1st October
Inglefield 4238 Slough 21st November
St Georges 840 Wolverton 10th December
Wolverton Trinity 7917 Wolverton 26th January 2019
Roman Way 9533 Winslow 9th March
Oliver 2812 Bletchley 11th. April
Princes Risborough 5203 Thame 1st June
Marlow 2752 Marlow 11th September
Bevan 2458 Marlow 25th October
Bourne End 7943 Marlow 14th January 2020
Wycombe 1501 Marlow 4th February
Bowen 948 Beaconsfield 5th March
First Principals, First Again!
MEGS Address, Annual Convocation 2021

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