First Principals, First Again!

H Robert Chaproniere,   MEZ Peter Gledhill,   J Roger Columbine

On Friday 17th September, Buckinghamshire First Principals Chapter, held their Installation Meeting at Beaconsfield Masonic Centre. The Installation meeting had been delayed from January due to the covid pandemic.

The three Principals Peter Gledhill MEZ,  Robert Chaproniere H  and Roger Columbine J, had been installed in their respected Offices in January 2020, but due to the covid pandemic the Chapter had not meet and the Principals had been unable to visit other Provinces First Principals Chapters which Chapter would normally exchange visits with. Therefore as soon as they were installed by Proclamation at this meeting the Chapter voted that the Principals should again be installed in their respective Offices at the next Installation meeting in January.

It was a very enjoyable but short meeting, it was good once again to see companions and members from the length and breadth of the Province, renewing companionship's.

Following the meeting a very good festive board where the companions enjoyed the fare of Beaconsfield's master chef Gary, yum!

Good food, good wine, good speeches, Good Companionship!

Five Points times two equal Ten out of Ten!
Altar of Companionship Schedule

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