BEVAN Boys a mine of information and fun!

H Ken White, MEZ Peter Moody, J Wayne Howell, John Keeble

On Thursday the 17th of February, Bevan Chapter held a regular Convocation of the Chapter at Marlow Masonic Centre, for the meeting E Comp John Keeble had put together a well thought out lecture, in which all Officers and members took part in delivering. During the lecture each of the Officers described their rolls within the Chapter along with the history of the Office all in an interesting and amusing manor, along with in depth history of the Chapter's furnishings. Bevan Chapter are a very warm and friendly Chapter currently being led by their very popular First Principal E Comp Peter Moody. After the meeting the companions attended a festive Board of good food, good wine, enjoyable speeches but above all Good Companionship!

Shelburne receive visit from Valley Boys!
WEXHAM PARK Having Fun and Looking to the Future!

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