WEXHAM PARK Having Fun and Looking to the Future!

Wexham Park Chapter Friday 11th February

On Friday 11th of February Wexham Park Chapter held their 118th regular convocation at the Slough Masonic Centre.The convocation proved to be a very happy occasion with the surprise unofficial visit visit of our Grand Superintendent Graham Dearing.

The work of the Chapter was carried out to a high standard led by First Principal Tejwant Sekhon at the meeting very popular Buckinghamshire companion Paul Lear joined the Chapter. During the meeting a discussion on the future of the Chapter took place with our Grand Superintendent Graham Dearing out lining enthusiastic future support and initiatives from the Province such as a team visit from the Province for the next convocation of the Chapter in May (Friday 13th). The Chapter reported a new joining member for their next meeting and a number of candidates for exaltation in the pipeline. After the convocation the companions enjoyed a sumptuous festive board.

After our enforced closed down of masonic activity during the Covid pandemic, it is nice to see a Chapter very much on the up with a healthy and enjoyable future ahead. Don't miss out, come along to Wexham Park Chapter for their next meeting have fun and good companionship!

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