Thames Schools Chapter kick of the new season with a Double Exaltation!

From left to right, E. Comp. Joel Nanton (H), Comp. Peter Demetriou, E. Comp. Nick Wilson (Z), DepGS Mike Stephens, Comp. Gary Bacon, E. Comp. Dan Cunningham (J)

On Friday 2nd September, Thames Schools Chapter held an emergency meeting to exalt 2 Companions from St. Lawrence Lodge in a fantastic ceremony held at Marlow Masonic Centre. Brothers Peter Demetriou and Gary Bacon were exceptional candidates, entering the Chapter having little knowledge of what they were about to do, or even seeing a Chapter layout before. The PS work was carried out exceptionally well by E. Comp. Kevin Shannon with E. Comp. Nick Wilson as Zerubbabel. The explanation of the signs and the Mystical Lecture were presented by E. Comp. Ken Brown who was word perfect as usual.


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