Why Join the Royal Arch?

I have listened enthralled to scientific debate on how we should progress though life. However, questions remain which may never be resolved: what do we demand of life and wish to achieve from it?

The Master Masons Grand Lodge Certificate shows him the means vital to lead him to a purposeful virtuous life, demanding him to use his own moral strengths to obtain ample satisfaction in the main realms of life; that reason can be found in a thousand places in time.

The sudden turning on of the light during the ceremony of Exaltation the Enlightenment reveals to each Companion The Name in the Great Light at the centre of Freemasonry which brightens the eternal truths in life's journey.

This light shines down on all our experiences good and bad to teach, develop, and mature us. We can see the vibrant and beautiful colours of the Royal Arch and understand their meaning. When we walk in this guiding light the less trodden path of righteousness is revealed providing, help to discover sound judgment, equity, enjoyment, awe and wonder.

Achievement in life can be found in these twin ideas: the large-scale abstract meanings we can believe in, and the sense of meaningfulness we experience when our lives are directed by the our lodestone towards a goal that matters.

We may then achieve the knowledge of ourselves and those dear to us, so that we can accept what lies beyond journey's end with reverence and grace. 

Stewards Chapter Welcomes A New Companion

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